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Location: Farthen

Provides: Its main export is Void Glass, a unique material that allows for the creation of surfaces that can be used to display information and images. They also create a variety of unique clothing and weapons. Their weapons manufacturing facilities are comparable to that of Bask Tech.

Allies: Bask Tech, Umbarro, and Golden.



Ammon Advancements

Location: Duskbanter

Provides: They run the world banks, they own MonAir, and the Hedron fields. They buy up a lot of property and create Androids. They do create specialized weapons but do not rely upon that as a main means of income.

Allies: Vith Innovations, MonAir, and Umbarro


Opposition: Golden and Mercadyne

Vith Innovations

Location: Godsface


Provides: They produce most of the mechanical goods, trains, technological armors and Arbiter manufacturing.


Allies: Golden


Opposition: Mercadyne

Umbarro Pharma

Location: Am’Brek

Provides: Pharmaceuticals, drugs, and bio-solutions.


Allies: Dalam and Golden.



Bask Technologies

Location: Sandis

Provides: Technological weapons, armor, equipment.


Allies: Dalam and Golden



Golden Communications

Location: Basin City


Provides: Black powder weapons, communication devices, and utility items.


Allies: Dalam, Vith, and Back Tech




Location: Novosaul


Provides: Light crystals, airships, Hedrodyne (False Hedron), transport, Personal Hedron Vehicles, psionic items.


Allies: Umbarro


Opposition: Vith and Monair


Location: Basea


Provides: Automatons and airships using real Hedron


Allies: Ammon


Opposition: Mercadyne

Balanced Engineering

Location: HQ - Reprise, additional factories elsewhere


Provides: Technology at cost for the masses, cybernetics, AI, advanced technological prototypes, Nixian Androids. Psionic items by special appointment.


Allies: Vith Innovations, Golden Communications


Opposition: MonAir

Coyote Solutions

Location: Longsong


Provides: Impartial investigative work, information gathering, and defense evaluations.


Allies: Mercadyne, Umbarro


Opposition: Dalam


Dar'mon Seekers

An organization based out of the Dar’mon Union, they handle general security and form the basic police force around the plane, but are no longer under the control of Ammon Advancements since the collapse of Mechanus. The Seekers are respected and recognized by all the other corporations for their ability to prosecute and capture criminals, though any organization that large will have some levels of corruption.


An almost legendary group that works with the Knight (Bel’Gallows) and the L’Vat of Law to help defend against the incursion of Xel’Dorik. Placed at the end of the universe, you can only become a watcher with the blessing of Bel’Draksik, the sister titan, changing your being into a planar guardian. Because of the King's rules most Watchers never return to the material plane.

Ammon Knights

An exclusive group chosen from exemplary people all around the world, granted powers beyond that of standard mortals, they work to fight threats that are bigger than most seeker squads can handle. Though they do technically align with Ammon’s interests, in their attempt at community service, Ammon tries not use them to reinforce their own control in the market. Originally made from an allegiance between Umbarro, Golden, and Ammon, they were able to set people on the path of The King, free from the influence of the Titans Xel’Tephik and Xel’Karik. Though they do still occasionally promote new members, because of limited resources, newer Knights are generally not as powerful as the previous generations of Knights.

Order of the Red Bandanna

A watchdog group that has some extremist members, originally a philosophy created with the intent of doing 1000 good deeds, the Order has since come to represent the common person in a world with gods, corporations, and stronger planar races. Depending on where and what, the group might be calling for a powerful individual to step down or attempting acts of violence against any organization they see as getting too powerful for the people's liking. Truly dedicated members are recognizable by the red paint that goes across the middle of their face over their eyes.

The Flame of Truth

A small cult with members hidden all around the world, they worship Maeshgal, a forgotten fire god that is supposed to be locked away in the middle of the world. They see the world as a prison that is holding their god from being able to destroy Xel’Dorik and set us upon a truly free path. Common members hold regular celebrations of fire and cleansing rituals, more extreme ones who've taken to immolation of themselves or others in order to appease what they think Maeshgal wants. The common symbols are a 4 jointed 6 finger hand print made with ash, or they will carry small blue flowers, the dormant state of the yellow Mourningthorne creeper.

Sons of Zarain

A group that has taken many forms over the years, made from the seekers discarded by Saint Arkani, they have been anti-arcane, anti-caster, anti-human, and now represent a pro-material plane stance, they don’t like the rapid expansion that has brought Xelanis into the main light of the planes. Still somewhat of a mercenary group, they can be found in most major cities.

World Guardians

The caretakers of the Verdant Isles, these used to be two separate groups with conflicting ideologies about their figure head, Nicodemus and Yusev, the same druid but from two different timelines. One, the Followers of Yusev, believed in killing their reincarnating leader to prevent what they say as a fulfilling of a dangerous prophecy that would bring about ruin to the natural world, while the other side believed that only by letting Nicodemus reach his full potential could they find a way to save Xel'anis and the Verdant Isles. Their two viewpoints merged when Nicodemus became a deity but chose not to leave the plane and instead invests in the people of the Verdant Isles trying to help raise a strong new front to face the upcoming battles.

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