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Brekin Pharantain

Alignment: CG, CN, NG, N


Titles: The Dark Mage, The Weaver


Beliefs: Magic is life, and magic needs to be understood and appreciated; people need to learn to be able to choose the path that is correct for them.


Weapon: Longsword


Domains: Artifice, Glory, Knowledge, Magic, Protection


Alignment: CN, N, NG, NE


Titles: Silver Wind, Fates Wind


Beliefs: Being able to live how you wish is paramount, everyone deserves this freedom and any who would take it away in any fashion are irredeemable; in the end, we all will end in Azdan’s book.


Weapon: Scimitar


Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation, Travel, Weather


Alignment: CG, CN


Titles: The Daring, Lucky Bastard

Beliefs: The thrill of the chase, escaping impossible odds, pulling off those 1 in a million tricks - building a heroic or thrilling narrative is what counts, so make the story good.

Weapon: Force Pistol

Domains: Glory, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Trickery


Alignment: N, CN, CE


Titles: God of Extinction, Witness to All Stories


Beliefs: All things end, this is not sad or bad, but simply a truth; every story is recorded in his book of names, and when there is nothing left but him and Demozain he will read the final story and turn off the universe.


Weapon: Scythe


Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Erosion, Ruins, Void


Alignment: N, NE


Titles: He Who Allows Life, The Debtor


Beliefs: We are all here because Logalo allows it; do right unto others so that Logalo may judge you worthy of having an afterlife; without his divine purpose there is no faith and no light.


Weapon: Gauntlet


Domains: Community, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Sun


Alignment: NG


Titles: The Benefactor, The Smiling Brother


Beliefs: The tide raises all ships, we must strive to do our best so that we can inspire others to do theirs. Only through helping and living for others can we find ourselves in the worthy mountains of Celestia doing good; this is not an excuse to not be good to yourself, because if you are not good for you, then how can you be good for others.


Weapon: Unarmed Strike


Domains: Community, Glory, Good, Protection, Strength, Sun


Alignment: LN, N, CN, NG, NE

Titles: The Potato King, Craggod


Beliefs: Growth, Dancing, Music, life, there is a rhythm involved in all things, and the oldest song is the one of creation.


Weapon: Stone


Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Sun, Water, Weather


Alignment: N, CN, LN


Titles: The Rook, The Sleeper


Beliefs: Cultivate and strengthen your world and bonds, your effect on the world around you is how you obtain immortality, and strength is determined by how many need you to survive.


Weapon: Greataxe


Domains: Blood, Memory, Plant, Protection, Self-Realization, Solitude


Alignment: LG, NG, LN


Titles: The Knight


Beliefs: You must defend those who cannot defend themselves, you must accept the hard truth over the easy lie, you must stand against evil when it is apparent.


Weapon: Gladius


Domains: Defense, Honor, Leadership, Loyalty, Strength, Trap, War


Alignment: N, LN


Titles: The Bishop


Beliefs: Your mind is your greatest asset, through it you can create anything; never be afraid of what can be made with your thoughts, but never deny another their chance to create.


Weapon: Bastard Sword


Domains: Artifice, Cooperation, Legend, Metal, Redemption, Thought


Alignment: CN, CE


Titles: The Madness Beyond the Watchers, The Far Knight


Beliefs: Everything must go, everything betrays and corrupts, when all is torn asunder, and the stink of the Bishop is removed then we can rest.


Weapon: Longspear


Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Void, War


Alignment: N, LN


Titles: Queen of the Library


Beliefs: Knowledge is power, secrets are weapons, without knowing you can never achieve your potential. Listen to any who would want to pass on knowledge, for they give you a gift that may never be given again.


Weapon: Quarterstaff


Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune


Alignment: N, NE, NG


Titles: The Dweller, The King


Beliefs: All things belong to the King, not saying you cannot hold it for him, but eventually it’s all his. Live your life in respect for the things around you, as all people are simply taking care of what belongs to the King. Do not let cool things sit around not being used, have fun but do not break things that are not yours, and nothing is really yours.


Weapon: Greatsword


Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Madness, Travel, Void


Alignment: N


Titles: The First Light, The Final Darkness, The Destroyer


Beliefs: Many different persons, cultures, and religions interpret Demozain differently, it has no core philosophy itself and does not care that you do; that is not to say you cannot follow it, you will just have to choose, what does Demozain mean to your character.


Weapon: Heavy Flail


Domains: Most common - Darkness, Destruction, Void


Timothy "Rupe-Rupe' Ruperts

Alignment: CG


Titles: The Doorman, Knock-Knock, The Cleaner


Beliefs: First, do Good. Second, do awesome. Right injustices, create whimsy, be a wonder! Magic is typically the answer, and it will help you see the world.


Weapon: Bastard Sword


Domains: Chaos (Revelry), Knowledge (Memory), Magic (Arcane), and Travel (Portal)


Alignment: N, CN, NG


Titles: The Warden of Time, World Guardian, Druid of the Ages


Beliefs: Becoming a god was not enough to save the plane. Through countless incarnations Nikodemus has tried to set motions into place to seperate the plane from divine rule and outsider influences. Fearing that he may have become what he had fought against, he now travels the plane helping the wilds, guiding the druids and attempting to prepare and raise strong new heroes to face the next big threat: Xel' Dorik.

Weapon: Scythe

Domains: Healing, Nature, Protection, Renewal, Time


Alignment: CN, NG, CG, N


Titles: The Rider, Lady Aella, Wind of Freedom


Beliefs: Open roads, open skies, open hearts. A true incarnation of freedom and independence for all creatures but also an untamed, unyielding force. The only justice in the world is that which frees and unburdens those under oppression, all else is the tool of the oppressor. She is the champion of agitators, rebels, the enslaved, and travellers. Aella would see all living things freed from the burden of gods, including herself.


Weapon: Revolver

Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation, Travel


Alignment: N, NG, NE


Titles: War Breaker, Dr. Punch


Beliefs: Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite - there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is living void, because all forms come out of it, and whoever realizes the void is filled with life and power and the love of all beings.


Weapons: Fists, Throwing-bears

Domains: Freedom, Knowledge, Transcendence, Void

Julian Creau

Alignment: CN, TN, LN


Title: The Grub Knight, The Clever Crow, The God of Foxes, The Chief of Shneef or Shneef Supreef, Champion of Monias, The Patron of Parties, Lady Luck's Heir, Liberator of The L'vat, Party Rocket, The Unforgettable Rogue, The Queensman, The Red Knight's Folly, The Endless Reveler, The Favorite Son.


Beliefs: You'll never know unless you try, what's the worst that could happen. Just remember, people don't care as much as you think they do, nothing is as important as people want to think. Have fun.


Weapon: Improvised

Domains: Charm, Glory, Luck, Trickery

Kurt Constant

Alignment: N, NG, CN, CG


Titles: The Concerned Citizen, Golden Ace, The Listener, God of Communication, Saint of Black Powder, The Transference of Power


Beliefs: Ambition is not a sin. Willpower is not a crime. Success will erase the stains. Never forget those in your shadow and those by your side. Always strive to be better, and to better those around you. Burn away that which holds you back. Embrace change.


Weapon: Revolver


Domains: Competition, Liberation, Loss, Industry, Trade

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