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Character Creation

Stats: 4d6, drop the lowest. Best of 2 sets. Reroll anything below an 8.

Starting character: Choose a race, class, location, background, and two traits. Choose preferred saves (e.g. Rogue gets one good save and two bad saves, Cleric gets two good saves, etc.). Choose a favored class.

Character Advancement

Multiclass: VMC is available as an option. Standard multiclassing is available as an option.

Progression: Iterative attacks are gained at BAB 5 (+5/+0) and BAB 10 (+10/+5/+0). Do not roll for HP; gain the max for your class's HD each time you level. Otherwise character advancement follows the pattern in the table below:

Ability Score
Feat (as standard), plus free Dedicated Proficiency feats based on BAB
1st Tier
+1 to one stat
Feat or VMC
2nd Tier
+1 to one stat
3rd Tier
+1 to one stat
Feat or VMC
4th Tier
+1 to one stat
+1 to one stat

Skill Changes

Knowledge (Nobility): Remove and replace with Knowledge (Corporate).

Languages: Everyone starts with Common and their local/racial language. Available languages are as seen here, with the adjustments below:


Common languages

  • Lizardfolk

  • Android

  • Corelian (similar to Orc)

  • Lychal (similar to Khen-Zai)

  • Crag (language of the Cragmen and N'Enoth)

  • Void (similar to Illithid)

  • Illikin (similar to Illithid)

  • Artori (similar to Treant, sung rather than spoken)

  • Elan (similar to Aboleth)

Complex languages (2 ranks in Linguistics to learn, unless you already know a similar language)

  • Dwarven (similar to Orc)

  • Illithid (similar to Void/Illikin)

  • Khen-Zai (similar to Lychal)

  • Kaorti (similar to Aklo)

  • Aru'Sen (language of the Silvermen)

  • Verdant (similar to Druidic)

  • Ancient Amalese (similar to Draconic)

  • Pharan (similar to Draconic)

Feat Changes

No More Feat Tax: As long as you meet the prerequisites, you get the following feats for free: Power Attack, Deadly Aim, Weapon Finesse, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Dodge, Mobility, Two-Weapon Fighting, Combat Expertise, Agile Maneuvers.

Accelerated BAB: For purposes of feat prerequisites, treat your BAB as though it were you BAB+level. Also use this value for determining the effects of feats you have taken (such as Power Attack).

Leadership: Not available.

Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude: Taking any of these feats grants the Improved version for free.

Weapon Finesse: You may use your Dexterity modifier in place of your Strength modifier on all attack rolls. If you are using a melee weapon that you can finesse with (light weapons, other weapons as described), you can add your Dexterity modifier to damage rolls in place of your Strength modifier; this damage counts as precision damage. If you are able to add your Dexterity modifier to damage as a result of any other ability (such as Unchained Rogue), treat this damage as normal damage instead of precision damage.

Graceful Maneuvers: When you would gain any of Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Feint, Improved Reposition, and Improved Steal, you instead gain all of those feats.

Powerful Maneuvers: When you would gain any of Improved Bull Rush, Improved Drag, Improved Grapple, Improved Overrun, and Improved Sunder, you instead gain all of those feats.

New Feats

Rapid Battery Swap:

Prerequisites - proficiency in the weapon, armor, or item

Reduce the amount of time it takes to remove a battery to a swift action. Reduce the amount of time it takes to insert a battery to a swift action.

Improved Flight:

Prerequisites - Fly speed, 2 ranks in Fly

Improve your maneuverability by 1 step. If you normally have to run to start your fly speed, you can now do it when you move your base speed as a move action.

You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you take it, raise the prereq ranks in Fly by 2. The second time you take this feat, you can initiate flight as a move-equivalent action. The third time you take this feat, you can initiate flight as a swift action.

[Maneuverability: Clumsy (-8) --> Poor (-4) --> Average (+0) --> Good (+4) --> Perfect +8)]

Aerial Reflexes:

Prerequisites - Fly speed, 5 ranks in Fly

When flying, during any round in which you've moved at least 10', you gain a Haste bonus to your Reflex save and AC based on your maneuverability:

  • Clumsy: +0

  • Poor: +1

  • Average: +2

  • Good: +3

  • Perfect: +4

Armor Proficiency, Exotic Heavy:

Prerequisites - Heavy Armor Proficiency, Endurance

When you wear Exotic Heavy Armor, the armor check penalty for that armor applies only to Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks. (A character who is wearing armor with which they are not proficient applies its armor check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.)

Personal Hedron Pilot:

Prerequisites - 1 rank in Profession (Pilot) or 3 ranks in Ride

You can operate and perform trick maneuvers with a Personal Heron Vehicle. If you are not proficient, you suffer a -4 penalty to all attack rolls and checks when operating a PHV, as well as to any attempted maneuvers.

Evasive Hedron Pilot:

Prerequisites - 3 ranks in Profession (Pilot) or 5 ranks in Ride

If you spend 2 move actions to move in a turn, you gain a 50% miss chance against attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

Airship Pilot:

Prerequisites - 6 ranks in Profession (Pilot)

You know how to pilot an airship, and take no penalties to checks performing maneuvers. If you are not proficient, you take a -4 penalty to all checks and attack rolls from the ship; this penalty also applies to crew members. If you attempt to planeshift and do not pass the check, roll randomly for where the ship stops on the planar chart. The penalty for nonproficiency applied to your Knowledge (Planes) check to planeshift.

Astral Pilot:

Prerequisites - 9 ranks in Profession (Pilot), 6 ranks in Knowledge (Planes), Airship Pilot, Skill Focus: Profession (Pilot), Skill Focus: Knowledge (Planes)

You know how to pilot an astral ship and how to use it to slip between planes. You can take 10 on Knowledge (Planes) checks to planeshift, though in hectic moments you will roll normally. If you are not proficient, you and all crew members take a -4 penalty to all checks and attack rolls from the ship.

VI Golem Pilot:

Prerequisites - Heavy Armor Proficiency, 6 ranks in Knowledge (Engineering)

Gain proficiency with the Sentry and Defender Golem Armors. Reduce your don time by 1 minute with all Golem Armors. Re-roll your first failed operation check. When piloting a Sentry Golem Armor, you may use Acrobatics and Stealth. When piloting a Defender Golem Armor, you gain +4 to your AC and CMD on any round in which you did not move any distance.

Heavy VI Golem Pilot:

Prerequisites - VI Golem Pilot, 9 ranks in Knowledge (Engineering)

Gain proficiency with Leviathan Golem Armors. Reduce your don time by 1 additional minute with all Golem Armors. When piloting a Defender or Leviathan Golem Armor, you gain the Awesome Blow feat.

Other Changes

Sub-dual Armor Conversion: When you take physical damage, convert an amount of that damage from lethal to non-lethal equal to your existing Armor bonus to AC (any Armor bonus will provide this). Apply damage reduction (if any) to lethal damage before converting any amount to non-lethal.


​Unarmored Bonus: All characters have a Dodge bonus to their AC equal to their BAB. This bonus is reduced by any Armor bonus you have to your AC.

Magic & Psionics: Magic and Psionics are treated the same for rules purposes (full Magic-Psionics Transparency), though psionic characters are only by exception.

Character Creation
Character Advancement
Skill Changes
Feat Changes
New Feats
Other Changes
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