Bold Requisitions Contacts

folks we know, in person or by reputation
Contact Info
Abernathy Goldtown
Halfling, big muttonchops. Accused thief of the emberwolf pups. Killed (and absorbed?) by one of the emberwolves.
Moonrats mook.
Barry Harrington
Android receptionist of BR.
Older Lychal baker, 4 hats, frequent chess partner of Sherap Dell. Killed by an emberwolf.
Android member of Red Bandanna. Hangs out at the Wagon Wheel.
Moonrats mook.
Cappel Zaleen
Lychal, Ammon scientist. Tracking property. Ophelia says they aren't Ammon.
Dosy Throne
Applied Solutions agent.
Illikin, Ammon scientist. Tracking property. Ophelia says they aren't Ammon.
Eric Dawnwatch
Halfling son of Sabrina, 7 yr old.
Moonrats mook.
Esper Dawnwatch
Cartographer husband of Sabrina Duskwatch. Last seen leading debutantes to Thus.
Evelyn Bold
Mother of Lucious.
Bartender at the Wagon Wheel.
Father Jazz
Sometime member of BR. Lizardfolk priest of Bufo and incessant gambler.
Moonrats mook.
Newest hire for BR. Fence.
Herbert Francis
Local doctor. Human.
Investigator Doss
Local Seeker, light green skin Void, she, serious
Investigator Quinn
Local Seeker, blond Human, 5'o clock shadow, he, friendly
Kurashi "Krunchy"
Lizardfolk chef at Goodberries.
Proprietor of Novrix Personal Cleaners, front for Applied Solutions.
Lothar Dawnwatch
Halfling son of Sabrina, 1 yr old.
Magnus Bold
Grandfather of Lucious.
Lychal, 2 tier hat, investor. Owed money to AA, worked with Vancian Investments.
Matilda Bold
Sister of Lucious. Successful banker.
Mortimer Estebold
Father of Lucious. Founded Bold Financial.
Ophelia Hassi
Ammon Advancements contact, gives jobs to Lucious sometimes. Older woman with greying hair and bottle frame glasses. Weathered skin, cigarette stains on her fingers, bit of a limp.
Lychal proprietor of EZ Snooze.
Moonrats mook.
Sabrina Dawnwatch
Halfling owner of Goodberries, mother to Lothar and Eric.
Salerek Crest
Applied Solutions agent.
Sherap Dell
Void, sits on the corner all the time to play chess.
Lizardfolk leader of the Moon Rats.
Android member of Red Bandanna. Hangs out at the Wagon Wheel.
Togear Creau
Corlian accounting fraudster. Target of cybernetics repo. Very wealthy.
Bartender at Uldin's, the dive bar hangout of the Moonrats.
Venn Veras
Illikin businessman. Up to something suspicious, lost a briefcase.
Xavier Bold
Brother of Lucious. Successful lawyer.